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For most Indians in India or abroad the date of 15th August is ingrained in our minds. It is the day the country got independence from the British and is celebrated with great pomp in the country. You cannot escape the flags everywhere as also the celebrations. But for those of us outside India looking to use the opportunity to bring in a brief history lesson or share the enthusiasm with our kids, it requires a little more work. Here are some fun things to try out this Aug 15 with your kids:


  1. Make the India flag: It's one of the easiest flags to draw and color so  little ones can easily replicate it and all you would need is a little stick to serve as the flag pole. My boys love their Legos - we got into the spirit by making a flag using Lego bricks this year! If you'd like to go a little deeper into the colors of the flag and what they stand for check out this link:
  2. Read or Watch stories related to India's independence movement: For older kids Gandhi is a wonderful (but slightly long) film about India's independence struggle. For younger children you could turn to books like The Story of the Freedom Struggle: Special Issue from Amar Chitra Katha.
  3. Dress Patriotically: Wearing some combination of colors on the Indian flag is a fun way to get some of the patriotic spirit!
  4. Sing some patriotic songs: Many of us who did our schooling in India would have learnt some patriotic songs. Teach them to your kids and have a good time singing together.
  5. Patriotic Food: Whip up some simple recipes in a couple or all of the tri-colors. Cookies,cupcakes, ice-pops and even Carrot Halwa for the ambitious are all recipes that can be adapted for indpendence day.

    Do you have any other special ideas to celebrate India's independence day? Do write in to us.


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