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Science, for many of us was a subject taught in the confines of the classroom and school labs. No longer.  Today’s kids have an abundance of resources that make science fun and bring it to their computers and phones.  From our Online Resources section, here are five of our top-rated science websites broadly for kids in the 5-12 age range:

1.    Discovery Kids (  For kids 6 years and older, this free site has a wide range of features including puzzles, games, a ‘Tell Me’ section that has information on a number of science topics such as weather, machines, earth, animals etc. as well as an Activities section which has fun experiments, recipes and arts/crafts all based on the fundamentals of science.  Some of the games may have an advertisement before it starts but other than that, it’s a truly delightful site that will have no problem keeping a kid engaged.

2.    Science Kids (  If there’s a particular science topic you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it on this website.  30 broad science topics span over different instruction methods such as lessons, videos, and quizzes to games, images and even jokes. In addition, there is an experiments section where kids can conduct experiments (in a supervised setting) using easily available ingredients.  For teachers and parents looking for science-based activities on a larger scale, there is also a Projects section.  Usage of site is free and it caters to the 6-12 age range.

3.    Energy Kids ( Focused on one of the most important global topics today, this website maintained by the US Department of Energy aims to impart energy education to kids. With the help of puzzles, riddles, energy glossary (slang) it teaches the important terms and concepts in using and saving energy. There are also downloadable pdf based activity books for kids as well as ideas for energy related experiments.  All of the content is free and is targeted for kids 5 and above. 

4.    Catch the Science Bug ( For the slightly younger (5-9) age group, this is a wonderful free site that is based on the TV series with the same name. This site is less about games and lessons online but more about giving ideas for science based activities. Ranging from field trip videos and notes to science ‘investigations’ that can be done at home, the site encourages kids to discover and learn science based on things around them.

5.    Amazing Space ( If astronomy is what your child is interested in, then this award-winning website is a must.  Based on the Hubble Telescope’s greatest discoveries, there are numerous images from the Hubble Gallery. Interactive elements in the Online Exploration section teach kids the various science phenomenon such as gravity, comets etc.  There is also a homework helper section on the site that helps kids in finding key terms, providing research for projects  as well as study sheets for tests. The site is free and geared for kids 8 and above

For more kids’ websites and apps for go to our Online Learning Resources section.

Do you have any other favorite science sites that we haven’t listed here? If so, we’d love to hear what they are.

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