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Welcome to the new world of learning math. Thanks to numerous sites and apps out there today, math is no longer an abstract concept but has become a fun, tangible and interactive subject for kids. From our collection of Online Learning Resources here are some of our top free math websites for kids of various ages:      

Sesame Street Games:What's not to love when you have Elmo teaching you how to count? With interactive games featuring the beloved Sesame Street characters, this site is a great start for toddlers and preschoolers to learn basic math skills like number and shape recognition, counting, measuring etc. There is an option at the bottom of the page that lets you filter the content by activity and age so you can find what’s right for your child. They also have suggestions and printables for offline activities for kids.

PBSkids.Org: From preschool to middle school, this site is packed with entertaining games featuring some of the most popular PBS characters. Recommended by teachers, this site offers a number of math activities ranging from number recognition and basic operations to data analysis and spatial reasoning.   Learn shapes from Curious George, patterns with Cat in the Hat or play some very complex logic and problem solving games with folks from Cyberchase. There’s a treasure trove of cool games on the site – not just math but a range of other subjects. Make sure you click on the option of All Game Topics to see the full range of options.

ABCya!:  A favorite in our household and recognized by the American Library Association as one of the recommended sites for kids, this website has a range of offerings for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade. With a mix of games and quizzes, the site provides engaging activities that appeal to both boys and girls and cover topics ranging from number ordering to measurement, fractions and decimals. Games like Math Man Jr.(a Pac-Man spin-off) bring in the time element  since kids need to solve the problems quickly in order to escape capture. For the younger grades, instruction is given verbally so even the little ones who cannot read fully can follow them and play the games. Apart from Math the site also provides online activities in reading and touches upon subjects such as geography.

Arcademic Skill Builders:a  An interactive site based on online education video games it teaches basic math skills for first graders to sixth grades – and really tries to meld the speed and action seen in video games with math skills. The topics start with addition and extend to decimals and pre-algebra.  Multi-player games allow kids to play math games against each other. If you do not want your kid to participate in games with others, then you have the option of making a game private with a password. Most games are time bound and encourage speed plus accuracy. Initial parental involvement is recommended just to ensure you’re able to set up your child in the appropriate way. 

Cool Math4Kids: A huge collection of colorful, interactive, cool math games and lessons from pre-school to high school with a wide range of teaching material.  Seriously, the range of topics covered is extensive starting with the basic math operations of addition and going all the way to pre-calculus.  The games are fun and cover different categories like numbers, logic, strategy, memory, puzzles with games such as   Coffee Shop truly teaching the kids the relevance of math in the real world. Some parental involvement may be required to help child get started and navigate child through the content on the site. The lessons are easy to follow and kid friendly and pop up alongside relevant games. 

If your child is interested in pure numbers as opposed to games and activities surrounding math, there are a couple of websites that are very kid friendly. XtraMath is a free site that teaches kids the basics of math – addition through division while also emphasizing on speed in solving the problems.  Another site for a math lover is KENKEN. Kind of like a kids’ Sudoku, this game covers the basic four math operations and the difficulty level can be adjusted by changing the size of the grid. It’s quite addictive and a wonderful way for kids to enjoy math.

Does your child have a favorite math site or app? Tell us and we’d love to include it if we haven't covered it.

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