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We'll make any an excuse to celebrate with Dr Seuss!*

March 2nd is the birthday of the beloved children's author - Dr.Seuss. In the US, it is celebrated as Read Across America Day and many schools world over view March as Dr Seuss month and encourage parents and children to read more of his wonderful books. Here is a little snippet on Dr.Seuss and why his books are so popular with kids and educators alike.

Who was Dr Seuss: Theodore Seuss Geisel(1904-1991) or Dr.Seuss as he's known was an American poet, cartoonist and a beloved author of children's books. He wrote over 46 books for children including the very popular The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.

What makes his books so special?

  • Rhyme-Time: The books are all written in rhyme and the rhyming words are repeated through the book which makes it fun and easy for kids - especially when reading out aloud.
  • Creativity and Color: The books have very distinct and color imagery along with creative characters such as a Wump or a Noothgrush - often sparking giggling fits among kids!  
  • Break away from the conventional: Characters such as The Cat in the Hat are unconventional naughty creatures who kids the kids find very entertaining
  • Educative value - Right from early books like Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? and The Foot Book to the later adaptations of Cat in the Hat Library series (written by different authors), these books have tremendous educative value. The latter is a wonderful source of education especially for science based topics  such as space,  dinosaurs, water bodies etc.

      Here are some or our favorites:

    *That's our little attempt at rhyming in honor of Dr Seuss!

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