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Our Top 10 Books for Kids - 5 September 2014

Following the latest fad on Facebook, since we are big fans of books and reading, we decided to jump in and share our top 10 list of Favorite kids’ books. Our list is ordered by increasing age group. The main criterion we used was whether it was a book that a child would want to read again and again. So here goes:  Read the rest→

by: Administrator
How to Introduce Chess to Kids - 26 December 2013

The benefits of chess as it relates to problem solving skills, strategic thinking and concentration have been well documented. We covered it in detail in our article Chess Lessons - FAQs. Many parents would like to introduce the game to their child but don't know where to begin especially if they themselves do not know the game. Before embarking on expensive chess coaching it's probably a good idea to test the waters and see if your child is interested in the game. As a mom of an avid chess enthusiast, here are some suggestions on introducing your child to the game of chess:  Read the rest→

by: Administrator

As a parent, I continue to be amazed at the sheer number of after-school math programs that are available to kids today.  After our initial coverage of Kumon, Aloha, Singapore and Vedic Math, here are 2 others that are very popular globally- JEI and E.nopi (or Eye Level as it is now known).  This article does a quick overview of JEI and E.nopi and also gives some pointers in terms of which program to select depending on your and your child’s specific needs.  Read the rest→

by: Administrator
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