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Standardized tests are a reality in today's education. With the increasing pace of competition, kids are exposed to it from their elementary school years. Taking a test under time constraints has its own challenges and not all kids are equal in their  test taking skills. Too often, I have seen a really bright and intelligent student falter when it comes to performing in a test. Given the role test results play in determining a student's grade, eligibility for advanced or gifted and talented programs as well as college selection in the later years, it is important to help kids develop their test-taking skills. Here are some suggestions based on inputs from counselors, teachers and parents of college-going kids who have been down the same road:  Read the rest→

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We have been hearing the words "Common Core curriculum” over the last couple of years but not all of us might realize its deep implication on our kids’ education going forward.  Here are some key details and what it means for your child down the road.  Read the rest→

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Two years ago, if you saw me at 8.45am, you’d see a harried mom who’d just gone through the ordeal of leaving her wailing 3 year-old in school. Yes, we’ve all been there or at least sympathized with moms whose kids have a hard time dealing with separation.  Since my son had a particularly rough time coping with separation anxiety, I spent significant time researching the issue and talking to teachers to garner some tips on how to help him cope.Here are ten useful tips that helped me and my little one deal with the issue.  Read the rest→

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